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computer virus

Viruses have been around for as long as computers have been around. The first malware program for a computer was written and used to infect a computer network back in the early 1970s. The first large-scale infection by a computer virus happened back in the early 1980s, by an Apple virus. To date, there are over 17 million different computer viruses, spyware and malware known (detected by anti-virus programs).

We can help you make sure your computer is protected, free of any viruses or malware, and having the most-up-to-date and best protection software available on the market.

We do virus removal while saving all your data and files.

And yes, you can get viruses on other operating systems not just MS Windows. You can get virus on a Mac.

How to recognize your computer might have a virus infection

The most common signs your computer has a virus are:

  • It’s running very slowly.
  • The hard drive seems to be working even when you’re not doing anything on the computer (you can hear the noise from the hard drive).
  • Internet connection not working.
  • Your browser shows your more pop-up ads than usual.
  • Things on the desktop and in the browser seem to change without you doing anything (i.e., such as icons re-arranging themselves on the desktop, or new icons appearing or disappearing, etc.).

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